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Saturday, April 16, 2011 | 6:52 PM | 0 comments
I'm currently onlining at the surau using the psp's wifi :DDDD
Just now, masa outing pun online gakk, kat KFC. LOL :P
So, I'm gonna go home this FRIDAYYY!
Imma so happy ~
Goin home by bus, gonna sit beside Syaq!
But then balik sekejap je kott :(
Tuesday dah balik dah.
And I'm goin back to the maktab by bus too.
Last Friday, Nur Afiqah Izzati, one of my homeroom member,
shifted from the maktab :'( :'(
And, that day we took our Maths standardised test 2.
Quite hard ...
Number Patterns and algebraic expression and all.
Asdfghjkl-ing hard.
Hope I can get A anyways ~
Okay, I'm scared the LDP's or seniors will tell teacher about this.
So, yeah, bye :)
See ya on Friday :D
Update : Zayana's BACCKKKKKK! :DDDDDD

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