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Monday, April 25, 2011 | 11:58 PM | 0 comments
Hiii :)
Okay, I'm in a quite good mood now. Hehe.
Just finished all my 10 karangans :DDD
Just now, Indonesian visitors came here. They are my aunty's family really :p
So, yeah. Going back to the maktab tomorrow :( :( :( :(
Tomorrow have to wake up early and follow mama to her office first, then she'll send me to KL Sentral.
Hmmm, I am sad to leave this place.
Although I hate my sisters so much here -.-'
But heck, I'll miss the TV, air-con, internet, leisure time, awesome sleeping schedule,
my parents :'(
Its gonna be like, a MONTH till I get back here.
During those times, I'm gonna go through standardised test 2 + final semester exam.
Final sem exam lasts for 2 weeks.
Right after THAT exam, holiday starts :DDD
Then the next week would be my birthday!
Weeeeee, gonna celebrate it here xD Wooooots!
But actually celebrate it at the maktab is kinda awesome.
With people wishing you, making surprises and all.
Well, i can still celebrate it with my parents (y) Hehe
So yeah I'm gonna miss everything here :'(

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