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Friday, April 22, 2011 | 6:31 PM | 0 comments
The bus ride was fun :D
Didn't sleep :O
Because the bus driver pasang 2 movies AND pasang lagu lagu lama sampai seniors nyanyi =.='
So, yeah, homeworks, alot.
The most shitiest of them all, is 10 f*cking karangans.
10 bitch. 10.
Plus, all my maths, english, science, KH NOTES.
Oh and I'm going back to the maktab on the 26th April, riding the bus.
This time, its unisex bus :p
(It means both female and male in the same bus ;)
Bak kata Syaq, unisex = Unicorn having sex (Y)
So, life at asrama is well, getting boring-er everyday.
Joined the choral speaking team anyways.
And I regretted it =.=
Bapak malas nak turun pergi dewan masa petang.
And, I am starting to hate the people there :p
And, I am starting to miss my old school more 
Haha, k bye

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