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Sunday, May 29, 2011 | 4:11 PM | 0 comments
So yeah, I'm bacckkkkk! (since like, yesterday yesterday night :p lol )
The stupid bus's air conditioner got broken =.="
The whole bus was so damn hot ~
Haha, then papa pick me up at KL Sentral, 
bawak naik LRT (which btw I Abg Afiq was in the same LRT as mine :P )
met mama at Putrajaya sentral (: 
So yeah, life at MRSM was umm, idk, normal i guess.
I joined the choral speaking competition (as usual :p)
And got 3rd place this time (y)
And then final semester exam was the last 2 weeks. Fuhhhh, was kinda hard :/
But I scored my standardized test 2 well, i hope that'll make it up.
So yeah, homework, woah.
Banyak gila.
Physics, chemistry, biology, folios and such.
Blahh, buat later lahh :p
Today, I just got back from some kenduri in Shah Alam.
Then ate bread ice-cream :D
Haha, k, I'll end here, goodbyee

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