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Angry Birds!
Saturday, July 23, 2011 | 7:52 PM | 0 comments
I am currently at Zenith Hotel, Kuantan overnight-ing :D
Well, today was ACADEMIC DAY so, my family came and we decided to go overnight.
So yeah, we went here :D
This place is like so dayumm cooooooool 8D
Right infront of the hotel, like 10m, is
Yes, that legendary place in Pahang that almost everyone in my maktab dah pergi :/ Haha
Went there for late luch just noww and saw LOADS of Domo and Angry Birds stuff (Y)
Oh and my results are like asdfghjkl
And next week is ... ACTIVITY WEEK! :D
Yeay, so happy (y)
And, I saw a few of my schoolmates here ;
Some random form 4 guy, burger, qistina, iliya, aishah mazli (not really, just her dad though)
plus fayed (not really he just said that he is now in the floor above me :p) lol
My mom said tonight beli baju raya, but heck, maybe not :|
Oh well, nvm. Byee :) 

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