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Thursday, August 25, 2011 | 10:38 PM | 0 comments
HII :)
So, I'm back at home after 2 months of NOT BEING AT HOME.
Okay. So, LOADS of crappy stuff happened to me there.
Such as homeroom fights and etc.
Well, one thing for sure, I got that Anugerah Pengetua thingi for getting 3.5 above! :D
Heheh :p Jealous lah tuu ;p Lol. Tapi 2nd semester gila menurun -.-'
And THAT sijil is for me :) HIK HIK. OKAY :P
For that dinner thing, I actually wore those tudung that needed to be pinned, lol.
It was so damn crappy like yeah. Haha.
Neways, we actually went to genting :D Cool gila en? ~
Gonna upload those photos in facebook.
Oh and my beloved Pak Uda gave ALL of us duit rayaa :D
Oh how we all love him 
And, we buka puasa ikut homeroom, and guess where my homeroom is situated?
Cam wtf gila dowh -.-'
And the DS gave LOADS of food poisoning to us -.-'
There's like 2 or 3 days that we all
sakitperutgilanakmati xP
And that time, sejarah, so tak ngantuk langsung xD
Speaking of sejarah, we started learning form 2 syllabus already -.-'
Haihh, i hate IGCSE like yeah. lol.
Hmm, so, I'll end here, goodbye :)

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