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Saturday, October 22, 2011 | 9:50 PM | 0 comments
So, it has been forever since I blogged right?
Okay, lemme see what happened ...
I actually kinda like someone there :D Haha, mighty whitey :) <--- sila highlight
Trolololololol. Oh and I'm back since yesterday. By bus.
And then, zayana followed me home :) Then her brother picked her up :(
And I'm going back to the maktab on effing wednesday.
When other schools got holiday the whole effing week _|_
Oh, lol, yesterday, that dumb bus driver drop us off waaaaaaaaayyyyyy down there then where we were supposed to be dropped off. So, we have to carry all our HEAVY stuff through the traffic -.-'
Curse that driver.
Today, I ate a lot. Dinner was the best :D
Oh and another stupid thing. After THIS holiday, we'll be schooling for a week.
Then, Raya Haji Holiday. Then balik balik je terus
Cam WTF je kott -.-'
Oh and I just realized something;
Form 1 : Normal exams
Form 2 : IGCSE Checkpoint
Form 3 : PMR
Form 4 : IGCSE Real Exam
Form 5 : SPM
Trololololol, my batch memang terlebih awesome siaaalll :p
My class won nasyid btw :D Haha. Ok.
I guess I'll end here :) Gbyeee :D

P/S:  I still wear tudung cacat-ly eventhough dah pakai selama 10 bulan :p
PP/S : Cubaan meng-edit gambar yang ke- ... tak ingat xD
Kthnksbye :)

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