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Saturday, November 26, 2011 | 10:45 PM | 1 comments
Hello :D
Yes, up there was my angka giliran for UPSR :)
 my number.
Now, dah tukar :/ fuqnjarkghaiajkrg
Haha. So, today I went to IOI Mall :DD
I bought 2 tudungs, a kain and shoes for next year!
Yeah, tak tau tiba-tiba my mom beli baju awal awal -.-
And, I ate at this restaurant I never knew the existence till today (Y)
Little Pantry, yes, this place is the prettiest eating place I've ever been into.
Everything is pink and white, even the waitress's uniform :O
It's all so garden-ish and elegant (Y)
I ate fettuccine carbonara :D
Heheh, so after that, I watched...
With my mom :)
I didn't even realize an hour and a half passed ya know :O
The movie was so not enough!
Nasib ni Part 1 baruu. Haha.
Oh and I can't believe I'm saying this but....
EDWARD looks goooooooood (Y)
Jacob too ;)
Before this I was TEAM JACOB ftw.
But now, idk haha.
Nasib diorang memuaskan, kalau tak,
I'll be hating that movie foreverrr ;p
But it was a good movie though ;)
I'm planning to sleep early tonight, so yeah.
Thanks for reading this :p Haha

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