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Malaysia vs Myanmar
Saturday, November 19, 2011 | 5:39 PM | 0 comments
So, yesterday, I got back for my LOOOOOOOOONG holiday! :D
My parents picked me up at almost 2 -.-'
Thank god my dorm mates ramai tak balik lagi :p
Haha, still, ada banyak gila gaban sial homework -_-
Neways, final examinations baru dilansungkan selama 2 minggu.
Exam was hard like asdfghjkl :/
I did get some of my results, most of them are B+ -.-
Oh well ;p
I got back yesterday, and apparently, my grandparents are here.
They brought my sisters and brother shopping yesterday and they got loads of new stuff =.= #sadlife
And then, this morning, my grandma nagged me for waking up late. 
Haha, too bad opah :D
And today, my siblings except for my smallest sister plus my grandparents went to my uncle's house. Hence, tonight, I'll be sleeping aloneee (Y) Woots!
And I actually started doing me homework :B Okay, haha.
Adelina Natasha bt. Razidan Ghazali Mohd Noor - See? I updated my blog! :D
Haha, k, I'll end here, goodbyee :)

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