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Thursday, November 3, 2011 | 10:27 PM | 0 comments
So, guess what happened today?
First, I have to wake up early because of this stupid jaga lalu lintas thing -__-
For the form 3's graduation. Which is today. I mean just now.
Some of us KRM-ers. Form 1 cuma me, Elya and Ainur jee :p HAHA
Orang lain pulak, nyenyak tidoo baii :p (nasib dpt sijil)
After that, it rained. #sadlife
Bas kata at 10.30, tetapi arrived at 12 pm. Cam bodoh sial
Masuk masuk je bas, makan then tidooo :p
It was freezing inside.
We reached KL Sentral at almost 6pm.
Searched for Alif Farhan since dia pun naik ERL to Putrajaya.
Yes, I rode the ERL to Putrajaya ALONE. Cool en?
Planning nak naik with him, but dia kat belakang pulaak -.-
Haha, datang datang je kat depan ERL tuu, tinggal 0 minute nak bertolak :p
Haha. On the other hand, i met some hot MRSM KKB guys :p HOHOHOHO
One of them asked me, "MRSM mana?" and I'm like, "MRSM Pekan"
Trololololol, then fr the next half an hour, i kept stalking them. HAHAHAHA :P
Okay, tomorrow, if I remember, I'm gonna make a post for dorm 9 (Y)
Okay, bye :D

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