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131211 131211 131211
Tuesday, December 13, 2011 | 12:14 PM | 0 comments
Hey :)
So, it's 131211. Okay nothing special happen to me though, yet :p
Anyways, today my grandma introduced me to this food, tapioca something ...
I knew that food, but never actually tried it before.
So yeah, she forced me to eat it, and I hate it :p
Trololololol. My grandma scolded me for hating it xD Muahahahaha
She said that was the food that Malaysians eat when Japanese invaded us :o
It's delicious to be eaten with sambal. Haha xD
I definitely learn new stuff everyday :)
Did a bit of history notes yesterday. And discovered that the pavillion's roof in my school tercabut xD I can't even ... But that is where once my homeroom lepak at while it was raining like fuuuuuqqqqq :D
Okay, apparently, my 11 y/o sister texts with guys. And I'm just sitting here like
I DON'T TEXT GUYS. okay :(
Oh and last night at 3 am I heard some kind of noises. LOUD noises.
And guess what it was? The sound of BOMBA.
Yeah, dapur rumah sebelah terbakar baii. Nasib ni rumah banglo, bukan teres :p
Hmmm, i wonder WHEN will I get out of this house -.-'
So not enjoying my holiday ~
Oh well, I'm just gonna browse 9gag.com C:
Goodbye :)

xoxo, maisarah :)

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