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Thursday, December 8, 2011 | 12:03 AM | 0 comments
Hello :)
Today was a busy day. Apparently, my mom didn't went to work today -.-'
I woke up a bit earlier today. And guess where'd I go?
THE BANK. Yes, the bank. To open a new account for me :)
I HAD an older one but idk why my mom did a new one :p
After that, guess where'd I go?
To the one of the most memorable place of all ;
SK Seri Selangor USJ 4 :)
Yes, the place where I met all my friends :')
Well, I actually went there to buy my sibling's books and all , haha ;p
But heck, I SAW SCHOOOL (Y)
After that went home for lunch.
Bla bla bla.
Then, I went to one of the most dread-est place anyone can imagine;
the dentist Yes, that place... uhhh.
Dah lah this time the dentist cuci gigi sakit gila nak mati x|
URGH. And she said it'll be hard for me to get braces since I'm in boarding school.
I can't go for the treatment once a month. HAHA XD
Okay after that, went home.
Watched BIG TIME RUSH. And today's episode was sad.
Literally. JO LEFT PALM WOODS. Because of her career.
Sedih baii :'( Then ada lagu WORLDWIDE. Heh.
At night, was planning to watch CSI 11.
But then we discovered that there's this movie in RIA.
That is the most fun-est scary movie ever! xD
Like seriously, very the lawak for a horror movie xD
Trololololololol. Okay, I'll end here.
Goodbyee :)

xx, maisarah :)

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