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Saturday, December 24, 2011 | 11:47 PM | 0 comments
Hello :)
So, at the moment I am bored and opah and I are at the living room watching this random drama in tv3.
lol wtf this drama is very the lawak xD
Oh yes, i changed my blog's url :) and my twitter. Haha.
Tomorrow opah will be making the kerepek that i bought to the maktab once.
The kerepek bawang. My friends wanna know how to make them xD
Hmm, i have to go to some random kenduri-s tomorrow.
Dekat kampung memang banyak gila kenduri :p troll
Eh, facebook now got memes in chat.
ASDFGHJKL. We want the dislike button :( lol
So yeah, chocobo is somehow .. back. Trololololol.
It's a random group btw xD
URGH, i am so pissed off by people that copies me -.-'
I mean like, no offence, but those are my fxcking ideas.
babi sial.
Okay i'm so not good at expressing myself lol
If you look at it, i rarely post about my feelings, just what happened to my life.
oh well that's just me. gemini kann.
holy cow i'm still bored. hmm.
i'll end here, goodbye.

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