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Tuesday, December 27, 2011 | 2:32 PM | 0 comments
Heyy :)
Yesterday, night we got back from Taiping. I'm gonna miss that place :'(
thank god i didn't cry :p usually when i was smaller i would always cry when i was about to leave my grandparents. epic. 
urgh i haaaaateeee long journeys -.- somehow yesterday i felt quite dizzy in the car. watched some det. conan episodes in the car ^^ haha. and last night slept around 2 something i guess.

So, people are countdown-ing when kita balik maktab. fxckk dah lah tak siap geo lagi enn -.-
i wonder how the hell am i gonna finish it....... i should do it now. but idk how. so yeah.
still, i'm not sure when the hell nak balik maktab. is it on the 2nd, or 3rd? hence, my mom asked my dad to call the maktab's office. idk when though. but all and all, i don't want to go back to the maktab -.- seriously. i'm still not ready for all the crappy things that might happen there.
oh and i didn't even bought new stuff for 2012. just a new bag and a pair of shoes and a baju kurung. i know, sad life. urgh why in the world did i went for last year's interview?! damn it.

Well, somehow, i hate fans that are too obsessed with a singer/band/actor/a famous person. they kept spamming my twitter/tumblr/facebok -.- and it annoys me. no offence you crazy fans. lol. well yeah, i am a fan of BTR and all but well not too obsessed i suppose. i hope. and  i am also a fan of detective stories. hence, i watch det. conan ^.^ heeee. and i seriouslywanttoeffing watch Sherlock Holmes : A Game of Shadows. effff but i don't have any more time -.- i have loads of mystery storybooks at home :) and i read, and re-read it all the time. but now, i seem to not read books. oh well. okay, i'm starting to crap. i'll end here. goodbye :)

xoxo, maisarah :)

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