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twelveans ~
Friday, December 30, 2011 | 1:17 PM | 0 comments
Hey ! So, i found my twelveans file this morning :o i was suppose to go to that school, but then i got mrsm -.-' Anyways, yesterday, i have an unexpected visit to the dentist. At the dentist, there was this kindergarten girl. She was crying and screaming and shouting and wailing when she got into the room xD LOL. Then bila dia keluar, parents dia marah gila kat dia, sebab lagi satu gigi tak cabut lagi ;p Bapak ah, dia dah tak boleh makan sweets, ice-cream and all those crap. HAHAHA XD Sumpah nak tergelak dowh, but then it'll be rude ... so yeah. i actually went there to ask about braces. it'll be hard for me to get one since i'm in boarding school and all :/ oh well. maybe next year. oh and finished geo yesterday night ^.^ not 100% though, tinggal paste the leaves. haha, my parents edited it and all ;p at the moment, i am a mess -______- well, not me, my stuff. asdfghjkl i'm so not ready to get back to the maktab T.T oh well, sad life. i'll end here, goodbye :)

xoxo, maisarah :)

oh and here is 1 Dedicated 2011 homeroom video ^^ i made most of it ya know, using my laptop. But heck, we did it together and it turn out good :D Our memories for this year 
May next year be as good as well ! Minus all the dramas and crap :/ ahaha

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