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Friday, December 9, 2011 | 2:37 AM | 0 comments
Well, hello there :)
It's 2.20 am and I can't sleep.
Spent the night making those crappy links at the sidebar.
ASDFGHJKL. Oh well. #sadlife
Today was ANOTHER unproductive day as usual.
Apparently this weekend I have to go back to my hometown -.-'
And you can't imagine how long I'm gonna be there! ( 2 weeks lol)
Fuq yeah. This is the face of me at 2.30 am.
Muehehehe i didn't off the lights yet, too bad for my siblings :p
Oh and I discovered I had a Mount Kinabalu t-shirt. Yay ^.^v
Another cool thing ; result sampai.
Woots. Okay not really.
I was pretty nervous this morning (well not really since I woke up quite late),
everyone seems to already have gotten their letters :/
I looked from the far to my mailbox, and I didn't see a single crap.
Haha, and it was raining ~ So yeah, I didn't go to the mailbox :p
Well, I kinda waited for the postman to come.
But then I gave up and right away go to the mailbox myself :p
And there it was. That darn mrsm letter -.-'
It was addressed for my dad, but I opened it though :p
And jeng jeng jeng my result waaaass .... ****
HAH! I'm gonna post a picture of it tomorrow since the letter's downstairs :p
Oh and I also left my phone downstairs, damn.
How the hell am I gonna wake up tomorrow?
One thing for sure, ramai gila dapat result bagus (Y)
i wish i could be as smart as them
oh well. should study harder ;)
i still don't wanna sleep but i have to.
Well, goodbye :)

xoxo, maisarah :)

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