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Vitamin C
Friday, December 9, 2011 | 5:27 PM | 2 comments
So, today is Friday. Another unproductive day btw.
Slept at 4 last night and installed a me gusta cursor (Y)
Oh and this is my result :
HEH, now you guys know my result ;)
Penghormatan Pengetua ftw (Y)
YAY! Another dinner :D
And THOSE are the subjects I took :)
Quite a lot of paper since Science is divided to Chemist, Physics and Bio :p
Oh did I mention the finals took 2 weeks?
And there are afternoon papers.
HEH, LIFE =.='
Anyways, guess what I got highest? Sivik. Yes, I got 92 for sivik :p
2nd highest would be Sains Komputer - 91 :)
3rd highest, English - 90, and this I am proud C:
HEHEHEH. I thought I wasn't even gonna get 3.5 :/
But heck ;p Alhamdulillah :D
And this was today's lunch. Yeah, sambal udang and sotong :]
URGH i have to go back to Taiping tomorrow :/
For 2 damn weeks.
What am I gonna do there? :O
Oh well, thank god makanan kat sana sedap (Y)
But still, takde internet kot kat sana D':
This is probably one of the last time I blog :p
Trolololololol maybe.
Oh well, I'll end here, goodbye :)

xoxo, maisarah :]

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