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Friday, December 23, 2011 | 11:37 PM | 0 comments
Yes, i'm back from Perlis, yesterday night at 11.
My trip to Perlis was somewhat ... interesting.
I'm not gonna talk about where i sleep. haha.
So, on the first day we went to taman ular.
I discovered that i am really really really scared of snakes.
Even if they were in the cage :O
Then ate at Kuala Perlis. (apparently, i've been here before :o)
Then nothing happened much that day.
Next day woke up quite early.
Then went to taman anggur. Haha xD
oh this is most of the view in Perlis, amazing right? :')

After that went to Gua Kelam.
Okay, the Gua is separated into 2; Gua Kelam 1 and 2.
We went to Gua Kelam 2 because Gua Kelam 1 is under maintenance.
We went 600 meters deep in the cave :B
Gua Kelam 2 is where those old bijih timah diggers dig for bijih timah.
lol i effing learnt Sejarah + Geografi that day xD


So yeah this is one of the view in the gua.
This is on the way to the bigger part of the gua.

This is the BIGGER part of the cave.
See the Chinese writings up there? It means .... bunga mekar errr something something.
Haha can't remember xD The whole meaning is that they have wives at home, but can't be with them because they have to work and only get out of the cave once a month i think.
Hmm, sad life. Oh well.
Okay after that, we went to Wang Kelian. The Thailand part :)
Yeap, it's like a pasar malam and there's 2 sides, perlis side and thailand side.
We went to the thailand part, so I officially went to THAILAND hahaha xD
And guess what i bought there? Yeap, a purple rayban :3

Lol then after that went to Padang Besar for lunch and
MORE shopping. It's like pasar malam in a building.
After that went home x)
So yeah, today watched Ombak Rindu with my mom and opah :D
Yes, my grandma, haha xD
At Taiping Sentral :) It was the best malay movie EVER.
I tried to cry ... and i did. lol.
And it was by far the longest movie i've ever watched in a cinema, 2 hours +
oh well, it was awesome ;D
okay i'll end here. Goodbye :)

xoxo, maisarah :)

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