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what i found in my tumblr ~
Thursday, December 15, 2011 | 2:15 PM | 0 comments

Monkey Pot ! :D

Helloo :) K, recently, i went for this camp on 27 and 28 November at somewhere in Dengkil. The camp was really, not that challenging. No jungle trekking and all those stuff. Only group challenges. Okay, my group’s name was umm.. Monkey Pot. Group number 3. The facilitator there asked us to give some weird name for our group and my stupid (no offence fadli) buat nama periuk kera -_______- Then the facilitator changed the name to english becoming, Monkey Pot. And so, we’re stuck with that name for 2 days :/ I slept in a dorm with some new friends i met there. Dalili, Ardini, Qistina, Qaisara, Alya and some other people. Anyways, the activities there were treasure hunt, cooking (we made scramble eggs and sardin! Well, not me, adam did :p), air tower, town game and making our own island. Practically, the tugasan where we have to make our own island, only me, alif and adam did EVERYTHING. Ye lah, ketua kumpulan GOYANG KAKI. Sorang budak ni pulak tido tgh malam kitorang buat berapa jam -.- Perempuan lain takut sangat nak tido malam tu -_______- Hahaha, I was the one who provide the stationary and notebook. Well, our island turns out good. Ye lah kan, sampai buat pukul 12 lebih sambil orang lain bising giler -.- Hahahaha. Made it from plasticine and some recycled items that can be found around the camp. Our’s got TRIPLE TOWER (Y) So coooool one :p  Hahaha, good job Alif, Adam and Me :) Wooooo! :D 

HEY, so THAT is what I found in my tumblr :)
Yeah, 2010 ftw (Y) Awwhh, how I miss that camp :') haha. idk why :p

xoxo, maisarah :)

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