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Tuesday, January 24, 2012 | 12:17 AM | 0 comments
Yoo ! This would be my last post before i go back to school tomorrow/today. Oh well, i'll be updating on my twitter via sms :D hehehehe. So, tomorrow, by bus, beside Syaq as usual. I wanted to buy Subway for my lunch, but mama said it's non-halal now :/ Urgh, McD, here I come. Anyways, I haven't finished 85% of my homework. HAVEN'T I repeat. LOL. See how cool i am. who cares, i'm just gonna stay up tomorrow night (Y) Plus, the form 1s will be registering on the Wednesday, so not many teachers are gonna show up. oh yeah. But then, the form 1s are like so lucky. I mean, they don't have to take the PMR and we, my batch, have to take both PMR and IGCSE -,- stupid. So that basically means that only my batch, the form 2s of MRSM Tun Abdul Razak 2012, are the only ones in Malaysia that will be taking both PMR and IGCSE. i think. But yeah, it's true. dah lah kitorang bukan pandai mana pun. I bet the teachers are gonna be more focus on the new batch so they won't end up like us. oh well. sadlife. okay, i'll end my post here. goodbye :)

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