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Happy new year
Sunday, January 1, 2012 | 1:50 AM | 0 comments
HAPPY NEW YEAR OF 2012 to all Malaysians out there :) I hope this year will be another joyful year ahead ! Time to change all my info ages to fourteen ~ oh yeah. So, my new year celebration was ... okay, i  guess :/ We went to uncle reza's house for bbq and makan makan. I basically just lepak there and help all those other kids play TWSITER o.o And ate a lot of course. And yeah, my new year countdown was from Hitzfm. And right after the countdown, we heard fireworks :D oooooooo. We all caught some views of fireworks and saw policemen around o.o lol We got back around 1, heheh. Then my parents went out again -.-' for a karoake. Old people :p oh well. 

This morning , i cut my hair x) layered (y) hehe and kinda short lol. it kinda looks like that hawaii five o girl. heheh. the top part is kinda big and then it gets thinner all the way down. And that would be the closest pic i can get ;p But not as pretty as her :/ since my face is so effing chubby. Hmmm, to think that just a few hours back was 2011 and suddenly it is 2012. how time flies so fast ~ although that, i don't even feel any difference -.- haha. So, my new year's resolution would be : Lose weight, get good grades and not get self into trouble. as usual. And to think that tomorrow  I have to get back to the maktab. wtf. i remember the last day of school like it was last week mann. fxck life. oh and i didn't even think about new year texts and definitely not expecting any. And well yeah, i only got one :( From W. M. HAFIZ :) hehehe thank you so much for the message :D And you can see that i have a very very very sad life (I'm comparing myself with an average 14 year old girl in Selangor). oh and twitter is not fxcking working. damn it. just when i need it. oh well, i might just as well watch DC. well, goodnight peeps and happy new year to all :)

xoxo, maisarah :)
p/s : I'm starting to cry since i have to get back to the maktab very much soon. I can't face that mann .__. urgh i'm scared of all the stupid challenges there. and i'm scared that i'll be homesick and will be missing home. ohemgee, i need to stop this.

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