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lamest person on earth
Friday, January 20, 2012 | 10:04 PM | 0 comments
I'm referring ze title to myself btw. Hello :) Yeah, I'm back for ze CNY holidays :D And guess how many days it would last ? ONE WHOLE WEEK. lol jk. harapan dowh. 4 days only. And on Tuesday I have to get back to ze maktab already -.-' tauu, cam sekejap gila enn. tapi itu homework bagai sebulan nak disiapkan. oh well. lemme story about what happened today. Firstly, we went to school. And during english, my effing group which consists of me, danial, fayyad and nadhi were chosen to debate on the topic Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber should stay together. And we were ze goverment. And we lose. HAHAHHAHAHA LOL. But then i didn't debate though. I'm ze simpanan (not perempuan simpanan k). And now i have to belanja danial one nasi lemak without ayam ._. troll. So, while we were busy rushing towards ze bus nak balik, it rained. Got into ze bus freaking wet. And they pasang-ed ombak rindu and never say never which i've watched already. anyways, i have this agreement with Alif Farhan to go back with him naik ERL. But then, when i got to KL Sentral, he texted me saying that his bus got a bocor-ed tayar -.-' so yeah, i have to get back to Putrajaya alone T_T it's okay though. not his fault. so yeah, that was practically my crappy day. goodbye.

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