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ze first time expressing my feelings
Saturday, January 21, 2012 | 10:11 PM | 0 comments
Hello. At ze moment i am fuqing depressed. Because of homework and my social life. Yes, i have ze saddest social life ever. Literally. I'm like ze person that no one even cares exist in this stupid world. Plus, i have too much homework. And I am such a lazy person. asdfgjkl. stupid. i'm so depressed now. omg. i was thinking of typing about my trip to ze dentist today and what i found in my drawer but nvm. not in ze mood. why am i replacing 'the' with 'ze' tefuk mann. asdfgjkl i just hate my forever alone life -__________- at least everyone has like somebody to talk to or maybe have fun with and all. i just hate my own social life. let's just say, i'm ze most lamest person on earth at the moment. no one even fuqing cares about me. except for my close friends though. but somehow, they just have other friends as well. omg maisarah, don't fuqing cry. lol wtv. i just hate it. so damn fuqing much. or is it because i don't socialize that much ... maybe. well that's because i'm just too shy T_T it's just so hard for me to actually start a conversation with anyone. even with someone that i like. i would like to be someone that people actually texts with. if you see my inbox, only celcom sends me messages. literally. i know, saddest life ever. okbye.
wait, i found this in 9gag just a few mins after typing all this .....
i'm not sure though. i do feel sad, being alone.

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