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Thursday, March 15, 2012 | 10:52 PM | 0 comments
Well, hello there. Why are you reading this? You're bored, i know. Okay, anyways, yesterday evening, we went to the dentist (again) to 'bincang' abt ma braces. WE WASTED A LOT OF TIME BTW. It was very short. Like 5 mins only. But we waited for like almost an hour o.o Haha, after bincang-ing, the dentist took pictures of my teeth ! :D (btw, my dentist looks and talks exactly like my physics teacher ! :o i just realized that yesterday night :p ) So yeah, she said this Friday (which is tomorrow) I can get the upper part of my braces done :D I thought i have to take out 4 teeth first, but then she said pasang the brackets first and then cabut, so i was like, oh okay. lol. Thank god the upper part first. I am so not ready for both :/ hahaha well, tomorrow, we're going out to Pyramid i think (or maybe empire/parade idk) to search for ma shoes ! Did i mention that my flats went missing ? Yeah, well, it did -.- And then i've gotta eat A LOT since tomorrow evening i'll be getting ze upper part. They say it's gonna hurt a lot and i can't eat that much food, so yeah. Plus, they say the pain's gonna last for a week. And I've gotta get back to the maktab on Sunday. How am i gonna live ? As if there's soft food at the maktab -.-' So yeah, i'm enjoying my last day with no metal stuck in my mouth :) heheheh. So that picture up there will be ze last metal-less picture :') Heheh. Goodbyeee.
P/s: I found out I have 2 ulcers right now :/ Oh god, why NOW ?!

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