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Saturday, March 17, 2012 | 11:16 PM | 0 comments
16th March 2012. The day where I got the upper part of my braces :) So, i went to the dentist right after I went to Sunway Pyramid. Oh ya, at Pyramid, I got new pink shoes and a blue watch ^.^ I ate lamb at TGI Fridays woooo. Haha, so, putting the braces on took an hour and a half ! And that is only for the top part. My lips suffered the most while putting it on. Seriously o.o Plus with my ulcer :/ asdfghjkl. So, the rubber colours are pink and yellow :) But people can't see it though because the dentist didn't put the rubber at those teeth at the front :( Oh well. So, taking care of my teeth is hard. Like seriously. Food gets stuck and it's pretty obvious. Plus, the pain is just forever there D: WHEN WILL THE PAIN END ? OMG Anyways, since i got my braces, i will frequently go back home. Idk how though, by flight maybe. So yeah, i'll go online more often ... hehe.
For today, we went to Subang Avenue. For me, the first time. Sent my sister to The Wheels. lol. And then there's the Popular book fair. Bought a lot of books. And then went for Tutti Frutti (Y)
So yeah, that's everything. Tomorrow will be the day we're going back to the maktab :( Urgh so not ready. I didn't even do my homework lol. Hmm, back to the same old routine -_____- Well, i'll end here. Goodbyee :)

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