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Tuesday, March 13, 2012 | 12:11 PM | 0 comments
Hello :) So yeah, last Saturday we went to Port Dickson. Somehow, i didn't even feel the holiday-ish feeling o.o Maybe because it's just a two days holiday ... But still, we went to the pool, beach and all. Nothing really. And then yesterday i woke up early to send my sister to school. HAHAHA she has kelas tambahan. Now she knows how it feels during my UPSR year >:) So i went to my old school, SKSS :') Oh how i miss that place. Anyways, after that me and my mom went to UiTM in Shah Alam to x-ray my teeth. So yeah. We were like the first people to get to the faculty. lol. So cam cepat gila ah siap. 8.30 habis dah x-ray. After that we went to the dentist and give the x-ray. I thought i have to take out 4 of my teeth that day, thank god the dentist kena study my x-ray dulu :p And then went to Giant. I bought a new slipper to ganti my rubber ducky slipper ;p HOHO. And then i ate a lot of spaghetti that day.
So, a lot of people are still finding what to wear during that Ladies Night thingi. Well, for me, jumaat malam tu balik balik je, mama dah ada dah a dress for me to wear :p It's brown with pink flowers :) Oh, i have homework to do. So yeah. Goodbyee

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