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Friday, March 9, 2012 | 10:20 PM | 0 comments
HIIIIIIIIIIII (: Omg it has been a long while since I typed anything here. Hey, no internet -____- Anyways, loads of stuff happened there. Kem Jati Diri the camp for the form 2s :D The activities were according to our homeroom. And our batch punya cheer i guess is mega power. Got it from Nash's shoes. lol. The camp was really really fun ! I wrote all about it in my laptop. Haha. Another thing, exam. Standardized test 1. And, they freaking changed the position in the hall -.-' So now I have to sit really near to the front. Which sucks. A lot. Class G, Y U MUST PECAH ?! Okay, for the results. So far, sejarah 90, maths 90 (they say so, i haven't checked myself :p), PAI 96, Geo 86, KH 80, BM 71. Fuyooo, i can't believe i actually got As .___. I still haven't got my English and Science. But i bet i'll get very low on those :( And then there's the activity week ! YAY! But then this semester's activity week was not as fun as last year's :( My CLASS only won for BM explorace. Homeroom dedicated, tak menang apa apa pun xD LOL. It was not really THAT fun so yeah, not gonna story about it ;p And today we all went home (: My bus DIDN'T even stop for rest anywhere =.=' so by 2.30 pm we reached KL Sentral. And as usual i went back by ERL all alone since the other buses haven't arrived and the peeps that actually will go back by ERL was on the other buses. So yeah. Mama brought me to Alamanda. And then went back home. okay, i have to go to PD tomorrow .__. so yeah, byeeee

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