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Saturday, April 28, 2012 | 11:14 PM | 0 comments
Hellowwww :3
What a painful day it was for my mouth.
This morning i woke up at 9.40. Without knowing my appointment was at 10. My mom screamed at me and all. Ate a bit for breakfast and off to the dentist. At the dentist, i freakingly took out 2 permanent teeth on the left side, top and bottom. OH, THE PAIN. The dentist said my teeth was strong so it was kinda hard pulling it out :S Yes, I drink milk. And then the dentist pasang the bottom part. So yeah, my braces are full now C: The colours are still pink and yellow, but still tak nampak :( The bleeding of my cabut-ed teeth went on for a few hours. I practically can't eat. Then after a few hours, i ate, and it took a while. A loooooong time to eat. Oh god the pain is just asdfghjkling.
Anyways, i got back from the dentist and apparently, we have a new car. Something very highly unexpected. I mean, yeah, i didn't think my family can afford a new car o.o LOL. Plus, i played the new iPad today ~ imma pro in Temple Run thanks to Aisya :D So yeah, i don't think i can sleep tonight :/ Hmmm, goodbyee

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