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Monday, May 28, 2012 | 11:35 PM | 0 comments
Hellooo :) Right now, I'm currently in our room at Hotel Grand Selera, Bandung :) Yes, they have wifi and also internet cable here. So, for day 1, we went to Trans Studio, Bandung. It's like another version of Universal Studios Singapore, but everything is in Indonesian instead of English. Well, some of it. On the way, we rode a cab. While we were stopping at a red light, suddenly a random beggar come and played the guitar outside o.o Asking for money I suppose. But obviously I have no freaking money. I only have in ringgit, not rupiahs D: So yeah, it was very awkward. So, we entered the theme park and yeah. I rode on a lot of rides. Including this one ride that I have to get into this round circle swing that goes up to 50 meters I guess. Wait, I'm not good at judging the height o.o But the point is, it went so damn freaking high and fast and spinny that I felt like falling and dying. And there was this parade, and one of the show girls was Katy Perry. Well, not the real Katy Perry. The fake one. But it's Katy Perry in the music video California Girls. Oh yes, with the blue hair. The workers there are all so friendly. And the female workers are so pretty :O And hot. The guys also can lah. lol. But the visitors ... well, the indonesians are very loud apparently. It annoys me -.-' Oh and most Bandung-ians wear braces :o Even the showgirls. Well, I did saw a lot of small dentists along the road. lol. Haha, so, I'll end my post here. It's only 10.35pm here btw. lol okay bye :)

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