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Saturday, May 26, 2012 | 12:19 PM | 0 comments
Suuuuuuppppp !
Yes, it has been a while. But now, I'm back ! :D Since yesterday actually. Yesterday morning went by sodamneffingslow. Dah lah bas datang lambat -.-' Rode the ERL as usual. All alone :| My plan worked out yesterday. As soon as i reach KL Sentral, i bought the ERL ticket, buy Oreo McFlurry, went back to the ERL station and terus the train arrive. Hehehe.
So, i discovered that my whole family's gonna go to Bandung tomorrow for our holiday :D Weeeeee. I guess I have to start packing o.o Naahhhh, later on. Not much homework the teachers gave us :O  1 folio and 3 checkpoint papers. That's it. Happylyfe (Y) I'm working on my homeroom Dedicated blog. I made it. But i haven't found the right template from blogskins yet :/ Asdfghjkl. So depressed. Hahah. I'll end here, goodbyeee :)

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