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Thursday, May 31, 2012 | 1:12 PM | 0 comments
HIIIII ! :D So, I am back from Bandung, heeee :) I didn't get to update for the last few days because I was freaking tired. Lol. So, I will now continue my journey in Bandung.

The second day, we hired a car with the driver to send us all over Bandung. Firstly, we went to Tangkuban Perahu. It's a volcano that was last erupted at 1959. As soon as we reached there, it rained -,-' They have horses up there. One of the horse's name is GAGA LOL. The colour of the mane is pink xD The horse was very pretty ya know. I didn't rode any horse though :p Up there, there was a lot of sellers that came up to us, wanting to sell all kind of shiz o.o Kesian jugak, but .... oh well. After that, we went to Rumah Mode. There, they sell all kinds of branded clothes. And of course, they are cheaper since it's in rupiahs. I can now mentally convert rupiahs to ringgits now. RM 3.40 = 10000 rupiahs. After that we went to Pasar Besar. After that, we shopped at random factory outlets along our hotel's stretch of road. We practically WALKED till 6 something. But then, 5 pm at Bandung is like 7pm already. So, by the time it was 6, it was like 8 or 9 pm o.o I was freaking tired. Okay, next day, we still went along that stretch of road near our hotel. Shopped some more. Then around 5 reached the airport. Ate there. Then went in the airplane at 7.45. I have to sit beside a stranger. And I played Plants vs Zombies. So yeah, I was considered a retard  :p lol Arrived Malaysia at 10.15 ( Malaysia time ) Which is 30 mins earlier than scheduled :o So yeah, that's practically it.

I will soon change my template. Because I found one that is super nice ! lol okay. I better start doing my homework .__. Huhh. Okay, byee :)

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