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Happy birthday to me :)
Friday, June 8, 2012 | 1:24 PM | 0 comments
HELLLOOO :D Oh yeah, today is my birthday ! Woots. I am now fourteen. I feel old. So, for my birthday, the first person to wish me was ..... some random anon. Yes, that person wished me first. BUT IDK WHO THE HELL IS THAT. So yeah. To anyone who knows who the heck that is, please contact me, tq. Practically celebrated my birthday at this random mamak restaurant at Bangsar with my mom, Hanees and her mom ^^ Oh, how did I get there? Okay, the story starts ...
Hanees, got two free tickets to Christina Perri's concert. And she brought me !! Since it's my birthday that night lol. So, we went there and we got chill out zone. But we still can't see a thing -___- She sang a lot of random songs I don't know :P lol And you know that meme proposal couple? Yeah, THEY WERE THERE ON THE STAGE when she was about to sing A Thousand Years ! She looks exactly like Victoria Justice last night i swear. lol. And here are some pictures  (:
ze tickets ~

Yeahh, these were taken from my phone because cameras were not allowed -.-' All in alll, it was fun (:

So yeah, last night, we got back at around 2 something AND I CAN'T SLEEP. Because I kept thinking of my result. Almost everyone got theirs and I haven't got mine yet :/
While I was typing all this, Adelina posted on my wall, saying that the anon last night was her (: Awhh, she was the first :') And just a few mins ago, I got ma letter ^^ Wooooooo. And I got........
3.78 (: HEHEHEHEHEHE I WAS SO HAPPY OMG. Okay, haha. I'll end here, goodbye :)

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