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Sunday, June 3, 2012 | 11:57 PM | 0 comments
Hello ! I am typing this with a pen. Yes, the science paper is just right there. Yet, my laptop is distracting me.
So, today we went to Alamanda. The main reason was to watch Snow White and The Huntsman. The movie was awesome ! But then, I don't think Kristen Stewart deserves to be snow white :/ Her beauty tahap jadi wife vampire je :p As snow white, naaah. But she is beautiful. Plus, the huntsman. He is not hot, but he deserves the role. Somehow ... lolz. But Ravenna, the evil queen, was beautiful ! Heheh. But I prefer William to be with Snow White !! HAHAH faiq :p
At Alamanda, I bought new clothes ^^ And socks !! Yes, i lost school socks ... Oh well, budak asrama enn, basuh sidai baju semua sendirii :p lol. Okay. My birthday's coming up soon. And I'm still not sure what to get for my birthday. Hmm. Oh well. I'll end here, goodbyee :)

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