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Monday, August 27, 2012 | 12:50 AM | 0 comments
HAIII. Ya, itu dia, esok balik maktab. Well, technically today. But yeah. Hmm, what a waste of time. I mean, I should've done my homework. But i didn't. So yeah. Didn't even beraya much :( So duit raya cam erk :/ I'm not even done packing for tomorrow yet. Hahah. Dah lah esok awal awal dah kena gerak ikut mama pergi office dulu. O well. I am not looking forward for tomorrow. Urgh. But I'm excited to meet my friends though. But then I hate facing all my other school mates that I hate. lol jk. I don't hate them. Just that i got tired of seeing them all the time -____- heh. Sorry. What I dislike the most would probably the education process there. Haish. I HATE STUDYING -_________-' I swear. And i hate learning. Urgh. Okay no, i should not hate them. But i am. No, i don't hate them, I'm just too lazy. Hah ok. So, 2D will be having a trip to melaka soon and i am not prepared at all for it. Wait, i don't even know what to prepare other than money. Lol. Mock checkpoint is coming soon and nope, i haven't studied a bit. Yay me. Ah fuq it. Ok, pray for my success in school tomorrow and forever. Hah ok byeee :)

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