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Pantai Timur
Monday, August 20, 2012 | 3:38 PM | 0 comments
Helloooo ! Oh yeah, yesterday was rayaaa :D So, we went back to kelantan for raya this year. Bertolak from home at 9pm on Thursday night then arrived at kelantan at 7am. Hah. On Saturday which is a day before raya, only then I bought my baju kurung for raya. Cool aite? Heheh so i wore WHITE baju kurung this year. Yes, white. Idk how I handled them :/ Hahah, tudung cacat, warna brown xD This year's raya cam tak syok ah. Idk why. Hmm. Went to the grave, and there were a lot of pacat. Visited some relatives and all. The best part was raya-ing at khairul fahmi's house :D Lol. Tetiba je en. Somehow my grandma has this connection with him ...
Ain't I cool ? :B But i didn't get any duit raya from him though :/ 
Today, I am doing nothing. I swear, there's like nothing to do here. Huh. Tomorrow balik Taiping ! (: Ho yeahh. This year, I discovered a few other of my friends that their kampung is in taiping :O Really cool ya know. Hah well, i guess i have to do ma homework nao. Goodbyee

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