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Wednesday, August 15, 2012 | 10:25 PM | 0 comments
HIIIII ! Oh yeah, finally I'm at home for Rayaaa :D Heee. A lot of things happened during ramadhan at the maktab. My homeroom went out to break fast at several places such as Adnin's house, then Santai restaurant in Kuantan and then Afif's house. Oh yeah, they were fun ^^
Exam, i thought they were hard, but apparently I got all A's except BM. Hahah lol.
My class entered the tazkirah berpentomin thing, and we got 1st place :D Yeay.
During this puasa, I rarely bangun sahur D: So hard to wake up. Break fast at the DS were superb ! I mean, they serve awesome lauk-s. A LOT. So yeah, jarang gila habis makanan :/ But my mom still says I'm fat .___. Hoho.
On the last Monday, Tuesday and today was 'Activity Week'. Urgh activity week hotak hang lah. Activity days sudah. Dah lah bosan gila. Probably the best activity was disect a mouse. Oh yeah. It was fun. We can clearly see it's organs :B
We changed our watches back (through Omar, tak face to face pun :p). And I think i can smell men perfume on my watch ... Okay, did not put any perfume on his watch .___. Heh. Oh I discovered his hometown is in Taiping :O
Since Saturday, my twitter text was not working. Asdfghjkl; I can't live okay. Sampai sekarang D: HAAAAHHHHHHHHHH! Dah lah esok malam balik Kelantan en. Die.
Tomorrow ada dentist appointment and I haven't figured out what colour for my rubber. Oh well.
My whole family's packing and I'm still here like, onlining. It's okay. I'll pack tomorrow :P
Guess I'll end here, goodbye :)

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