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Saturday, September 22, 2012 | 9:55 PM | 0 comments
Helllooooo ! (This is my 99th post btw) Oh yeah, saya overnight minggu ni C: Because of le dentist appointment today. Changed my rubber to pink and blue :) The result is quiet pretty :D So, at the maktab today, le form 2s had their PGG Biology and Chemistry, and I missed it ! Oh yeaaahhhhhh. Dah lah sampai 4 freaking hours. Uh, i will never survive that. 1 jam 20 minit seminggu for a science subject pun rasa cam nak mati :p 
A lot of things happened since I last blogged. Had our Hari Raya celebration at the maktab ;D Not as fun as last year's though. But my baju kurung was pretty hek hek (baju kurung raya :p)
Saya dan Syaq pengantin sebab pakai baju warna putih :3 hew hew


Adnin :) Hehe le 'tinggi' one that day :p

Nureen and I changing shoes since she's wearing heels and I think I was the one who should be wearing them compared to her since she's wayyyyy taller.

Hah, akak akak homeroom kesayangan kuu :B

FAZAAAAAA <3333 HEK HEK. Pehal tetiba aku tinggi semacam ni ?

Awh, Mariah sho cute :3


2 of my crazy dormies :DD HEEEE

Ani and Nureen, le homeroom sisters and le dormies :)

My crazy classmates okay bye.


Sadly, got no picture with Adelina since she went back to the dorm already -.-' My tudung was so cacat the whole day xD 
The next day, my class along with 4 Al-Azhar went to Melaka :) It was fun. Nuff said. Went shopping at Dataran Pahlawan and Mahkota Parade. Got our own house (Y) With aircond in each room :D Went to museums, taming sari, shopping at those local stalls and NAIK BECAAA ;D Weeeee
Everyone slept, except me \m/

Adelinaaaa, sat beside her the whole trip ! :)

Wah, chacuuu xD

Posing in front of our house :3 Hew hew i have nice shoes ey? :p

Behind us is the pokok melaka i think ...

My beca buddies :B  Lawa en beca kitorang

View from above the Taming Sari :D

Last picture, with Aida's hat that she just bought which I have exactly the same one at home. lol.
So, after all that, we went to Faza's houseee ! :D Weeeee. And got duit raya oso $.$ hehe. Then the next day was a school day. Urgh -.-'
Standardized 4 went by this past week. And well yeah, they were hard. Not getting my hopes up this time. For my standardized 3 i got 3.93 ^^ yeay. So proud C: Next week will be the hi-tea thingi for le 3.5 above for semester 1 2012. Woooo. My ranking is #14 :D
So yeah, i guess that's it. Wish me luck for my checkpoint on the 16th October till 18th ! :) Heee. Goodbyeee.

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