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100TH POST !!
Monday, October 22, 2012 | 12:43 PM | 0 comments
Macam 100th kiss lah pulak aku buat 100th post nii :p
Lol. HIIII :D Oh yeah, i am back for the raya haji holidays :D Actually hari Sabtu dah balik dah. lol. So, a few events happened after I got back to the maktab. We had our 3.5 dinner at Sri Manja Hotel in Kuantan. Oh yeah. It was fun :D My table was table 7 :D My table is like the 2nd table for form 2s. Which means I got top 20 in my batch :D Heeee. The speeches were so long -____- And there were LOADS of people that got the sijil so it was so long before we got to eat.
My mak andam for the day !

Table seven :) Weeeee

Aishah binti Mazliiiiii ! :D

Me and Yaya ! :D

Ezahir and Faza :3 Hew hew abang adik homeroom kuuu

The only 2 guys in our table, Arvin and Ezahir. Yes, they are gay-ing :p

Faza, Aishah and Kimaaaahhh (Y)

Wooots, our sijils (Y)

My sijil :B

Me and Adelina <3 She's so pretty :) *omg i am so short i can't even.
So yeah. And then had our checkpoint recently. Last week to be exact. And yes, checkpoint is an assessment exam before our IGCSE. Fuuhh. English was okay. Well, idk how to say english, because there would be no real answer. Har har. Science was HARD. My confidence level for science is very low. Maths was easy :) Surprisingly easy :D Quite confident on getting an A for maths (Y) oh yeahh. Oh  ya keputusan ujian selaras 4 amat teruk. Jadi untuk finals saya harus study dengan lebih hardcore-nya (Y)
OMG FINALS ARE NEXT WEEK. Yeah, sekolah memang genius, kasi cuti seminggu sebelum exam. Memang kitorang study kat rumah sebenarnya -.-' Dah lah kasi banyak homework. FUUUU. Okay. Hahah. So, i better start studying/doing my homework now. Goodbyee

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