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Masculinity and Make-up
Friday, November 16, 2012 | 1:14 PM | 0 comments
HELLO ! So, the past week went faaaaaaaaaaaast :O Seriously. I thought yesterday was Wednesday. And then the thought came  to me, going to JAPAN in 2 days !! Well, 3 actually. Monday baru flight. Sunday gather everyone and all. It has been a really crappy week. I just hate my laziness so much. I didn't even start doing my homework yet ! IDK WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO MEEEE D: And then i have to do research and all about Japan and Malaysia. And i have to find stuff to bring to japan. Gaahhhhh. On the bright side, i now have boots ^^ I used to remember when i was small, i have always dreamed on having boots. Lol. And now, after a lot of years,  i finally have one :P Hahaha. Hmm, idk what the hell am i gonna show the japanese about malaysia :O I mean, yeah, the main reason i got into the homestay programme thing is to show our culture to the japanese. Walao. And i am not good at these stuff :/ Haih. Oh ya. My host family there, their family name is Ogawa ^^ Cool aite? Hahah. And the closest age to me is 10. Freaking 10 years old. WHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT. HAHAHA. The mother's a nurse :D Weeeee. Hah, i can't wait to go :D For 10 days ~ But, i have no friends there .......... lol wtf who cares. I will survive :P I hope. Hahh, okbyeee. This may be the last post before i go to japan (since i think i'll be quite busy). So yeah, GOODBYEEE.

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