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Saturday, November 10, 2012 | 11:15 PM | 0 comments
Helloooo ! :DD I am back for the end of year holidays :> Oh yeah, 1 and a half month (Y) So, the last 2 weeks was well, not bad. Finals, woooosh. They were somehow not that bad. But i know, i did a lot of mistakes :/ I didn't study that hardcore as i promise i would D: Urrggghhhh. It rained on the last day of school. Gahh, didn't snap pictures :( Oh ya, left the class in a really messy state ! :O We will definitely die next year. Next year the dorms will be the same. Plus, we added Nadhi in the dorm C: Hahah. Hmm, I'm gonna miss memories of 2012 at school :( How we struggle everything, handle with friends, stress, relationships.
So, bibik is not at home. Fuuukkkk. Idk how to survive!
Oh and on the 09112012, Thursday. Somewhere 12-1 am. Will never forget this date :) I became the queen of his heart <3

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