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Saturday, December 22, 2012 | 11:36 PM | 0 comments
Hello. This week has been boring. I watched Aku Dia dan Tong Sampah via youtube yesterday. Weehoo. That movie was nice ! Like Istanbul Aku Datang. It was a really sweet movie. Really reflects orang melayu zaman sekarang with all the cute couples and stuff. Ahahah. I'm done with my homework. Well at least i've already sent them to my dad to be printed and bind. Not gonna do sejarah ~ Idk when am i gonna go back home .__. i mean, i have a hell lot of stuff to buy for school but i'm still at taiping. wtf. gaahh. Anyway, today i went to some kenduri. First one was at a dewan near here. I saw abg Muhammad there :O Cool eh. So we are somehow related but not by blood ahah. I discovered that at taiping sentral got tutti frutti, chatime, sushi king and all already. oh my, i never knew that :o Taiping dah maju wo (Y)  After that i went all the way to nibong tebal. Penang ~ Got another kenduri. Then at parit buntar, opah bought me a new backpack for schooooool (Y) YAAAAYY. I got really happy cause i know my mom's not gonna buy me a new bag because she thinks we have a lot of backpacks at home :P Hahahahh. I love opah :3 Weeee. Then walk some more shop some more. La la la. Then we go to The Store. Hahaha faiq went there right before i reach there !! i can't even ....... gahh. hahahaha. I discovered that The Store is like Parkson. Very nice the clothes there !! i love it. Opah wants to bring me there another time for more shopping. yesssss. I'm gonna buy more long-sleeve clothes oh yeah ~ So yeah. i'll end here, goodbye xoxo

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