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Tuesday, December 18, 2012 | 9:43 PM | 0 comments
Hallo world ! Hew hew. So, my holidays are boring. Hahah. I seriously hate my holidays -.- My holidays are NEVER fun. I'm always stuck at home doing nothing (online + tv). Oh yes, i am sick and tired of all this. But sadly, i can't get away from all this -.-' Haih. My parents are forever working and all, so obviously i can't go anywhere. Anyway, tomorrow would be the results for PMR ! Waaahhh. The adrenaline for them ~ Good luck to the 97s :D Hehehe. I'm pretty sure the form 3s of my school shall get all 8As. They're geniuses ~.~ Hahaha i can't wait for PMR next year. lul. Dah lah last batch PMR :O ooh la la.
A few days back, i went to a relative's house for some kenduri and i ate a lot. There was kambing too. Oh yeaaahhh.
Blaaaaaarrrrggghhhhh.  I AM BORED. HAHAHAHAHAAH. okay. bye.

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