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Good Time
Sunday, December 9, 2012 | 12:30 PM | 0 comments
Hello. So, I just went through my notebook that i wrote random crap during my trip in japan. So, those stuff are :

  • Ogawa = small river
  • They clean their own tables, like at the food court, they throw their own rubbish and all.
  • They shower once a day since yeah, tak peluh pun.
  • They pronounce anything with 'th' with 's'. Like, thing=sing. Thirteen=Sirteen .__.
  • They only know Lady Gaga. lol. Well, at least, Ririka's friends.
  • All the babies are cute !! Kawaii. Like, ALL of them. So not like Malaysians :P Hahah lol
Like, look at this !!!!

And this !!
I would've taken a lot more. But most of them run away or cry or something. Once, when I was at Osaka Castle with some other of my friends, we all wanted to take a picture of this baby, then we all ran towards her screaming or something then she cried to her mother lol.

So yeah, a few days ago i got my pointer already. Hahah. I'm still at taiping anyway so my dad sent pictures of the letter. And yeah, I got 3.88. HAHAHAH. Why I laugh? Because naik 0.01 je from the last semester. This is the same case as last year. lol. 1st sem 3.54, 2nd sem 3.55. Memang one whole year naik 0.01 je -.- Checkpoint results also sampai already. Maths and science 6, english 4. Ahahah. I thought my science will be like crap, but not really :P English fcked up my results. HAHA. k.

I just found this awesome mash up! Haha, sumpah best. Not from DJ Earworm though. Some dude named Kim. Heee, so, i'll end my post with the video. Hahah bye.

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