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JAPAN part 1
Sunday, December 2, 2012 | 12:26 AM | 0 comments
HELLLLOOOOOO ! HEHEHEHE I'M BACK FROM JAPAN !! On tuesday actually :P Hahahah. I'm just too lazy to blog about japan but i will now. I'm making this a part 1 because i know i'll get tired halfway :P Before that, i've been living all alone this past week. lol. Except at night lah. I've been wasting a LOT of time. Such unproductive holiday D: So, i will start now.

Orientation starts on the 18th November. We didn't do much during orientation .__. Idk why ... Our batch je kot yang cam tak buat apa. I was like the only girl from school (apart from Iqram). So yeah, forever alone :P My room mate was Kak Liya :) She's 16 !
This picture was actually at KLIA xD

And the next day, 19th, we learned Japanese words and practiced for Malaysia Day (which in the end tak jadi pun kat Japan :( ) Then bla bla lepak sampai petang, then we're off to KLIA ! We went there petang, but our flight is like at 11:55 pm. HAHA. So we just lepak around KLIA and all. Fun. Then we got in the plane. I got to seat beside the other Maisarah lol. Kak Liya was just behind me and Iqram was in front xD The airplane was fun. I watched a movie (but i can't remember what it was). Then i slept. Then i woke up for breakfast. Then we saw the clouds :3 Hahah. Then we saw our first wiew of Japan :D

Subuh subuh nampak ni haha
Then we got off the plane and felt the first Japan breeze. Woosh, it was cold. Then we got inside the airport and it got hot (oh ya this is at Kansai airport). They use heaters inside buildings. But during summer or so, they'll turn on the aircond. Oh yeah, their aircon is also their heater. Cool eh? So i took out my sweater haha. Then i went into the toilet and used their modern toilet. Weehoo. 
Picture credits to Felicia
Oh yeah, those buttons were coooooool (Y) Then we went outside. Omfg. It was so cooooooold. With the wind and all. Gahhh. Then got inside a bus and we're off to the Hippo family club place. So, we got there and there were a lot of Japanese people e.o We had to find our host family. So there i was, searching and searching till i found someone with a sign with my name :D Hahah. I discovered that she was not my real host mother. She got work so yeah.
Hehe. Kawaii was like one of the first words we heard in japan. lol. Then la la la dance and sing stuff. Then we go down and she said that we'll be going to some places with Deena. Hehe she's like my Osaka friend xD 

So, firstly we went to Osaka Park :)
The trees are having a change between autumn and winter :)

THEN MY BATTERY CAMERA DIED. OMFG. SAAAAAAAD. So yeah. Then we went around walking towards Osaka Castle :) Before reaching there, we bumped into these people. So we practically went around osaka castle and talk about them in bm that time ;P
Picture credits to Fathonah

Me and le fake samurai. Picture credits to Deena.
Then we went to the castle which was built recently (i myself don't understand it). Then explored it. My temporary mother was so nice she lent me her camera to use :') She actually printed it and all ;O So yeah, the pictures below will be kinda blurry.
See that castle behind there? oh yeah. Our sweaters match (Y)

View from above the castle :)
We were so busy exploring, that our okasans (mothers) were like "cepat, cepat" because they were hungry lol. So yeah, we had our first Japanese food at a stall nearby :)

First japanese food, tempura soba :D
My food was delicious ! Oishii :D But i didn't finish them :/ Too much lah the proportion. Uhh. Then me and deena went back to the car and we went our seperate ways. I stayed at deena's house for a while. Then we went to a shopping mall for some hippo family club meeting. We had to sing and dance and stuff .__. The hippo thingi is like, they learn other languages, including malay, through cassettes. Weird ... Then my real host family came :) Woah. My okasan is hot. lol. My sister, Ririka, wears braces too :) Heheh.
Picture credits to them.
And we went back to our home (their home). The Ogawa-s. Thank god their toilet are those modern ones. And got heater the toilet seat hahah. They have this colourful book of malaysian-japanese language. It had almost everything in there (with pictures!). I had to sleep with Ririka on the same futon (mattress). They already have a box of stuff to give me :O So i gave my presents to them from malaysia :) Haha. And that's the end of the first day.

Eh, dah penat ah. Padahal baru first day en. Eh, i have to do a report for all this !! Shiiiiit. Hahah. O well. Later on. Told ya i'll stop halfway :P I'll continue soon. Goodbye :)

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