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JAPAN part 2
Tuesday, December 4, 2012 | 12:02 AM | 0 comments
HIIIII :) I am now at taiping. Haha, yes, spending my holiday here. Idk how to survive. Dah lah result tak sampai lagi -.-' Argghhhh. So, i will now continue about Japan. I should be doing a report about it. Hahah. But a report has to be formal and all. Lol.

So, the 2nd day at Japan. I went out with ma okasan for some shopping :)
Food for me, weeee
For lunch, we had donuts :D
Oishii x)
Then la la la in the afternoon we went for some museum thingi. About some old houses. Went with Deena there :) Hahah.

The whole day, we traveled by bicycle .__. Hahah. Cool eh?

Picture credits to Deena
HAHAHA I LOOK FUNNY I SWEAR. Then petang tu pergi some flower garden or something. After that lepak lepak at home only :3
Next day, I had to go to school with Ririka.
Ain't she a doll ? :)
Walked to school, which is quite near. Omfg, it was the coldest day so far there. Hahah. Reached there and saw Takeru playing football xD Then waited at this one room. Then a group of students from her class welcome-ed me :D So cute. Oh ya, they are elementary students.
The group that welcome-ed me.
Then i was brought into their music room. Oh, they played me a song !! Haha i have in record.

Then i went to their classroom. I had to sit in front .__. Then i introduced myself, they introduce themselves. One by one. Then we went around the school. Then i had to learn with them. lul. English, maths and caligraphy. In japanese xD

With the whole class
I did some japanese words on beautiful, love and malaysia xD HAHAHAHA. I seriously had no idea what word to write xD Then we ate in the class. They serve their own food (Y) Then i went back home with okasan. That evening, i had karate class with Takeru and Ririka. We had to walk, in the night to the class .__. So yeah. I went there, awkwardly. 
There shall be no picture of me actually doing them because i look stooooopid. Hahahahahaah. I had to karate with the white belts (which are like 4-5 y/o).
Err, karate classmates xD
Then went back home.
Next day, was just nothing really. Went shopping at a shopping mall. Ate McD. Japanese people actually clean their own table. They throw their own rubbish. Then la la la. That night for dinner, sushi ! xD
I ate 4 plates.

We touch and pick food from the screen. Then le food arrives (Y)
And that's the end for that day.
Next day, I woke up late :P Hahah. Because only Takeru is in the house. So can lepak lepak. Whole day, i lepak at house only with Takeru and Ririka & her friends. Lul. Played Wii xD HAHA. Ate maggi (Y) THEY LOVE IT. That night, got a hippo family club meeting. Haha, Deena was there.
Hehehehe :)
That night, we ate a lot. Haha. Best ohh. Then me and Deena had to talk about malaysia. Awkward ... Then we had to drink Japanese tea (which is basically seaweed turned into water). 
LOL tak sedap.
Our group :)

Next day is the last day with my family. We went to the ramen museum. Haha i finally knew how instant noodle was made. We can make our own ramen :)
HAHA my noodle cup.
We can design our cup and choose what we want in the ramen. Sadly, I can't even eat them. Because there's pig in it ........ haha. but i had fun. So yeah. Went around the museum and all.
For our last lunch, we ate at Jolly Pasta. Haha, they know i looooove pasta :3 Then we went to the zoo. 
This is the coolest animal in the zoo.
So yeah. That was all the fun i had with my host family. I'll definitely miss them a lot :'( 

So that was our last picture before I leave them. Urghhhhh. I CRIED when i last hug them ya know. It was sad. I so wanna meet them again idgaf. Hahah.

So, i'll continue more about Japan soon. Heh, goodbye :)

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