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JAPAN part 3
Wednesday, December 5, 2012 | 12:26 AM | 0 comments
HELLOW. So, I started on my report already (Y) Currently on day 4. Hahah. So, i will now continue on my adventure in Japan ~
And so, we were leaving them. It was sad. In the bus, everyone was so noisy. Yeah, i mean, we story mory to everyone about our adventure lah kan. Lol. I sat beside Kak Liya :) Heheh. Behind us was Yu Jin and Eugene. Uh, they were noisy -.- Hahah, Yu Jin cried when he left his host family xD Oh ya. I didn't spend a single yen ! Until that night i bought some batteries at an RnR. lol. Everyone used a lot of money, except me xD HAAHHAAHAHA. Cool eh? ;P jk. I tried to sleep, but it was hard due to the lack of respect in some people -.-' lul. It rained that night in the bus.

It was like 8 hours + in the bus. Uhh. Hahah. We arrived early morning the next day in ... TOKYO DISNEYLAND ! :D So yeah, freshen up and all there. It was cold as fck there i swear. FREEEEEEEZZZZZIIIIINGGGGG

First picture !

We had to wait a while before the gates were open. It was a raining a bit while we were waiting. 
Buddies :B

Tickets C:
Omfg i can't believe i was about to enter Disneyland i swear !! DREAM COME TRUE. Hahah. That's practically the slogan there. lul. As soon as we enter disneyland ... everyone started running. Not us lah. The other visitors. We were like, O.O WHAT. Hahah. Freaks. We were planning to go to space mountain first but then we got lost or something so we just posed in front of the castle. From the far.

And then, we went to Space Mountain. Hahah. Space mountain is in Tomorrow Land. Space Mountain was fcking awesome ! It's a roller coaster where we can't see anything except for the outer space. Stars and all. Cool eh ? lol. As soon as we got out, we saw Mr and Mrs Incredible :D
Mrs Incredible ! Heeee
Then we went for some Captain EO thingi where there was MJ in it .___. After that, we ate breakfast.
Shrimp burger ftw (Y)
After that, we rode some Jet thingi. Haha. Fuunnn (Y) Then we went to Forever Land. We went to the It's A Small World cruise. SO CUTE ! I SWEAR. Gahhh. It's a cruise where there were dolls that dance or something about cultures from all over the world.
ain't it cute ? :3
Then we just jalan jalan around Forever Land. Soon, we arrived at Toon Town. It has all the cool cartoons. 
I am a cute mouse that hugs a lamp.
I shopped a lot there !! Haha (since i haven't used my money yet). Cause it has all mickey, minnie stuff. I HAD to buy those keychains, pens and souvenirs for ma friends :D Hahah. We rode a few rides there :B And there was Mickey, Minnie, Goofy's houses :D Chip and Dale's tree house also got. Gahh. It was fuuunnnn ! After toon town, we went to Cinderella's Castle for more close-up pictures :D

Us and the castle (without Felicia). It was raining btw.
I seriously can't believe I was actually here. I mean, it was only just a dream before this ! Haha. And then we went inside. In there, there was like, a story about Cinderella. Woohooo.
Princess Maisarah. LOL.
Then we shop some more. Hahah. They were all like, Disneyland punya stuff, mesti quality one (Y) lol. Then the parade started ! In the rain -.-' Haih. All the mascots were wearing raincoats. WE DIDN'T. HAHA. So yeah. We tasted Tokyo rain, during winter (Y) Wooooots.
One of the floats during the parade.
After the parade it got kinda depressing due to the rain. Ugh. Camera pun cam asdfghjkl je lepas tu. But yeah, it was still fun. We rode a few more rides and all. Heheheh. We were starting to get sick due to the rain. Hahah. Then we walk and walk and walk in the rain lol. After some time, we got hungry. We tried searching for cheap food. But nvm. In the end, we found a restaurant (we were already almost the exit). So, we ate our laaaaate lunch. I ate fried shrimp with tartar sauce (which tastes like fish and chips). DELICIOUS. Hahah. That time, we were all really tired since we walked the whole day. So, after that, we just walked around to all the shops and buy some more stuff. Hahah. I bought an Alice in Wonderland pencil box and Minnie Mouse comb .... xD Then la la la. Very cold that time.
Last moments in Disneyland
And yeah, we had to leave already. Hmm (we all were quite early compared to the other batches. I concluded it's because of the rain and it was freaking cold and we just want to get into a warm bus). Hahah. So yeah. Our journey in Disneyland was over. Sad.
That night we slept in a hotel near the airport. Hahah. Late at night me, Liya and Maizura went down to buy ice creams xD There were also other people ya know :P Hahah. That night we gossip some more. lol. Next day, we had to go back to Malaysia :( Hmm. So yeah, last few pictures at the airport.
Zura and Felicia x)
Us :')

Liya and Zura :')

THIS POLAROID !! hahah :)
Btw all the polaroids are Kak Liya's :)
And so, we went back to KLIA. Hm, Japan was very awesome. I SERIOUSLY HAVE TO GO BACK THERE I SWEAR. I wish i could go back :( I want to experience all these stuff again. It was so much fun ! Haha okay. That's all for my adventure in Japan :) So yeah. Goodbyee

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