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Hello 2013
Tuesday, January 1, 2013 | 12:38 AM | 0 comments
HEEYYY HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013 !! May this year bring us happiness, prosperity, awesomeness la la la all the good stuff. 2012 was amazing tho. All the ups and downs. Weeeee i can say i'm 15 now. ain't that old? wuwuwuwu. Oh ya, i'm back home. The whole house is very different. New room, hot pink lol. So, the last day of 2012, i met Hanisah and Marina at subang parade :D Omg HOW I MISS THEM SO MUCH. We watched Here Comes The Boom! (which i just knew the title just now. the whole movie idek the title). then lepak lepak gitu jaa. Then in the evening, went to giant and finally buy stuff for school within an hour. wah. Yeah, esok balik maktab :( As a form three. THAT IS OLD. Hahah. PMR bhai ;D So, new year. New me (lol jk).
New year's resolution : Lose weight, less sleep in class, no more procastinating, less stress, study more, jadi pandai, get 8As for PMR ;D Wkwkwkwk. And so, i shall go back to school tomorrow :( no more sleeping late, wake up late. this is sad. argh. i dont wanna studyyyyyyyyyy. dah lah PMR siot. wush. stress. And so, i shall end here, goodbye, happy new year x

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